Our Apprentice Program?

Learn and grow with our Apprentice Program-

Valenti Salon & Spa offers a leading-edge, educational apprentice program for licensed cosmetologist. In 12 weeks, our apprentice training program is designed to build upon your cosmetology foundation providing exceptional hands-on training with our top stylists, who are committed to developing our industry’s newest talent-YOU! 

Upon completion of initial training, build your confidence with your own clients at Urban Salon, new talent salon by Valenti. Career growth and advancement do not stop there, we are proud to offer stylists unlimited opportunities for advanced education, promotion and personal development.

An intensive 8-week program filled with a variety of educational opportunities, building upon your cosmetology foundation will take your confidence and skills to the next level.

“Through my time apprenticing at Valenti, I got an inside look at what it takes to be a top stylist at the premier salon in Cincinnati. It has been an incredible experience!”

Sarah Matthews

Valenti Designer

"It has been an awesome experience, I have grown so much as a stylist and learned more than I ever thought possible in my first year. I highly recommend the Valenti apprentice program, a perfect blend of hands-on and education!"

Megan Muncy

Urban Tier 1 Stylist

Apply for: Stylists Apprentice, Stylist, Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, Guest Care (Front Desk), or Contact Center