Amy Wright, Executive Director

The temperature is dropping. Pumpkins are piling up, spice lattes are in full effect. Nothing signals change like the shifting of seasons and we are here for you!

Hair color? Warm it up! Add lowlights! Think Autumn leave and create it. It’s the perfect time to try that auburn hair color that you have been admiring on others. Richen up your brunette with a variety of warmer options. And depth and dimension to those gorgeous blondes. This is the perfect time to and bits of Brown Copper, Warm Neutrals, a touch of Copper Gold. Color blocking is still in full swing, embrace it. Add depth with blocking toners, using Golds, and glazing bright blondes down to something a bit softer. Can’t decide on a nail color? Wear them all. Deep shades in a cohesive palette is still a great go to for trying something spicy without being too loud.